Our People

Success comes from working together

Mr. Penjor is the founder of Penjor Construction. He long years of hands on experience in the construction services industry and is known for his grit and passion in delivering quality, cost efficient and timely execution of Projects. In this context, Penjor Construction has shown itself competent to complete projects within the planned deadlines and budgets under different circumstances. The company employs more than 50 full-time professionals and have more than 20 years experience in the construction industry. The company collaborated with different contractors executing large scale projects in the following areas:
• Large Scale Civil Works
• Electrical Work
• Water Supply & treatment plants

We have team of experienced, skilled and qualified employees to oversee civil and multi disciplinary projects – airport, commercial buildings, school buildings, show room, urban development, road network, water & sewage development. Team members consists of the following professionals:
• Architecture
• Civil engineering
• Construction & project management
• Site & project supervision
• Civil works
• Building services
• Property development

  • Road Networks – National Highways

organization structure

  1. CEO
    1. Operation Department (Director)
      1. AFD (Chief Finance Officer)
        1. Accountants & Administrative Officers
      2. Procurement Division (Chief Procurement Officer)
        1. Procurement Officers
      3. Transport Division
        1. MTOS
    2. Technical Department (Director)
      1. HR & Tecnology Division (Chief Engineer)
        1. Research Officers
      2. Project Monitoring & Panning Division(Chief Engineer)
        1. Project Implemention Division
          1. Project Managers
          2. Site Engineers
          3. Site Supervisors
          4. Drivers & Operators
          5. Labours